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First £150: Geoffrey Pickup
Second £100: S. Turner
Third £50: John Lickley
    You may have noticed that the country is in the grip of a pandemic, so although funds continue to flow in via the 200 Club we have been unable to arrange any events to subsidise with those funds. The Committee has therefore decided that from the April draw until further notice the monthly prizes will be: First £200; Second £125; Third £75. There will also be an extra Grand Draw during the year. If this increase tempts more entries to the Club, then the change may become permanent. All enquiries to Maureen Graham, treasurer@manchesternarpo.co.uk
    The PTC intends to reopen for treatments on 26th April, and for weekend bed and breakfast from July. www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org

    The subscription rate for 2021 is £1-80 per month, which is £21-60 for the year.  If you are not a GMP pensioner then we won't be taking your subscription direct from your pension every month and you will have to pay us.  If you have paid us already by BACS then well done and award yourself two Brownie points.  If you paid us through BACS and put the reference as "NARPO" or something similar  take one of the Brownie points away because that doesn't tell us who has paid.  In that case please communicate with the Treasurer, and use your name and/or membership number as the reference in future.  There is a significant group who joined as Associates before they retired or in anticipation of receiving a deferred pension who have never informed us that their pension is now in payment so their subscriptions from pension have not been activated (and they have not been granted the privileges of full membership).  If you are in that position then please tell us so that we can arrange to take your money!  Treasurer poised to receive it.

    Our Branch has members all over the world. A large number are naturally in England and Wales, where NARPO has a network of branches. If you live outside our area, it may be useful for you to be in touch with the local branch where you live, but you may not be aware that you can join other branches as an additional member. You may well be asked to pay an additional subscription, but it should not exceed the amount of your main subscription retained by your own branch, which is £12.96. Enquire with the Secretary of the Branch you wish to join additionally.


    Our application is now being dealt with by the High Court in Manchester. On 7th May, the move by the Home Office to strike out the claim was refused, and it was ordered that the applicants (i.e. us) should be ready to proceed by 21st May.



    NWPBF continue to support their members within the parameters allowed by the pandemic restrictions. See www.thebenfund.co.uk for details. The lodges will reopen when the next phase of lockdown is removed, planned to be 12th April. Bookings are now being taken by email: lodges@nwpbf.org



    Rumours have been circulating of members being given much increased quotes for the travel insurance premiums. The following announcement has been made by Headquarters.

    "AXA Health has informed us via Towergate Health & Protection of its decision to cease providing Standalone Annual Travel insurance to NARPO members.
    "For members
who have purchased Standalone Travel Cover via Towergate Health & Protection, this means when their travel cover renews after 1st May 2021, it will be their final 12 months of cover with AXA Health. All affected members will be written to by AXA Health in good time before the renewal date with more detail about the impact on cover for the affected members.
    "Furthermore, AXA Health will cease to offer travel insurance via Towergate Health & Protection to NARPO
members wishing to join (or re-join) the scheme from 31st October 2021. 
    "We have instructed Towergate Health & Protection to source an alternate travel insurance product which can be purchased from them and we hope they will have this in place by summer 2021.
    "If you require any advice regarding either your existing travel policy, or if you are considering joining the travel insurance scheme, please contact Towergate Health & Protection on 0800 3897724 or email
haps-narpoenquiries@towergate.co.uk .
    "Please note that any annual travel insurance purchased as an option on an AXA Health Private Medical Insurance plan will continue to renew as usual."



    Apparently there are still people who think that this television thing has a future, and some of them are launching a new channel this year to join the three that I've heard about.  This one is called GB News, and they are seeking to assemble a list of potential contributors for the new channel, and are very keen to get people on the channel from all spectrums (sic.) of life and perspectives from all over the UK. Senior Producer Rhys Gunther wishes to see if any former police officers connected with NARPO would be interested in appearing on the channel to discuss policing issues and any other areas of their expertise when the channel has launched.  He is looking for a wide range of voices, so if any of you would be interested feel free to contact him on rhys.gunter@gbnews.uk


Post Lockdown Bolton Branch ‘Get Together’ 

    Bolton Branch have arranged a gathering at the Ukraine Club, Castle Street, Bolton on Thursday 8th July 2021 starting at 3p.m. Treat it as a ‘re training’ course in how to socialise. 

A Moments Reflection to remember members who have died during Lockdown 

    In addition, at about 3.30pm they intend to pause and have a ‘moment’s reflection’ to remember their members who have sadly passed away during this pandemic.  There are ten members who have died where members were unable to attend the funeral and pay their respects as they would normally have done.  The ‘reflection’ will be led by the Branch Chaplain, the Reverend Moira Slack.  Moira is also the Police Chaplain. After which there will be a wake to share memories of them. 

    Each family has been written to to see if they wish to attend on the day. The members concerned are:- 

Derek Whitehead; Ian Glover; Jack Counsell ; Jack Archer ; Bob Tonge ;  

John Maitland Smith; Ian Moss, Phil Jones , Denis Cunliffe & Les Scoble 

    If you knew or worked with any of them, please come along.
The Branch will also be providing a ‘hot pot’ tea about 5p.m.(Vegetarian option available).  The event will be free for members and £3 for non-members. Please remember spouses / partners of members are also members of the Branch, provided their details recorded are on the system, so they will also be free. Please bring your wives, husbands, significant others.
    Please give notice of attendance on this booking form.
    Dr. Michael Craig of Northumbria University Department of Psychology and his student Anna Svoreňová are researching the effect of the pandemic lockdown on memory.  They would like UK participants to complete a questionnaire at https://nupsych.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2b0aOXHf0nGTB7U .  It takes about 20 minutes apparently.
    First (£200):        Mr S. C. Thomas
    Second (£125):   Maureen Roberts
    Third (£75):        Claire Plant

    The British Broadcasting Corporation are commissioning a second series of 'The Moment of Proof' from Brown Bob Productions.  Apparently the series
'celebrates the work that goes into cracking criminal cases and those who keep our communities safe'.  They are looking for people to tell the story of a previous case which had a specific turning point.  This could be a forensic discovery, an alibi disproven, an interview room confession or a crucial piece of evidence... anything really! 

     If you have an interesting story to tell, please contact Alison Bellamy at Brown Bob Productions


    First (£200):       Donal Moore
    Second (£125):   Paul Devine
    Third (£75):        Martin Lusby
    The family of Colin Amos Carter wish to find out his collar number (no reason given, lottery entry?).  They believe he retired as a Detective Sergeant at Longsight around 1979.  If you remember such things please let me know -- no prize offered.

In the August issue the editorial staff are currently considering putting together features on getting back to education after retiring and about taking a on a self-build or major home renovation project after retiring (I’m not thinking some crazy grand designs style project but it would be good to have something more extensive than say an extension).  Carly Scott (01924 331256) would be interested in speaking to members who might have done either of these things.