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Life After… with Manchester NARPO

By Malcolm Howells

    The police service is a cauldron; we all bubble away, immersed in what we do and those with whom we do it and we get the job done. Then we   emerge at the other end as retired… what? All too often we hear retiring members of GMP expressing a view similar to,… “I have only been a police officer/support staff member for the last twenty or thirty years; what can I do?” It is as if the skill, individuality and commitment that each one of us has displayed individually have been lost. Have we given up that very spirit that made us the independent-minded, confident keepers of the peace and more for subdued anonymity? Well, at NARPO, we retain our belief in the spirit and promise of our members. We may have lost youth but not vigour. There really is Life After…

    NARPO is committed to working with all former members of the police service to assist them to appreciate the incredibly huge talent that they have nurtured and displayed. Once they are guided and encouraged to explore that huge level of  talent and reflect not simply on their achievements but what skills they are able to offer then they begin to realise, sometimes for the first time in a long time, just what retirement can mean. And this huge range of talent and promise is not only about work either; now that you have choice and decide to exercise that choice, you can do… anything. Work, charity work, helping the community, education, travel, exercising your mind… and don’t forget keeping in touch with friends and pursuing hobbies.

    There really is Life After… What will yours be like?