Judi Shepherd, is an Independent Marriage and Family Celebrant known as 'Harry Rose Ceremonies'.
  She offers a Marriage & Family Celebrancy Service, that allows you to have a Bespoke Non-Religious Civil Ceremony wherever
  and whenever you  want.
  Whether it's a Wedding, Civil Partnership, Renewal of Wedding Vows or Naming Ceremonies, by using a Marriage & Family Celebrant
  you are not restricted as to which Venue you can and can't use.

  The legal contract of marriage / civil partnership needs to be carried out beforehand at a Registry Office, leaving the couple to have a
  beautiful  ceremony in a location of their choice either later the same day or days after.

  She will meet with you, discuss your ideas, and write a Ceremony personalised to you.
  This can include personal vows to each other, readings, poems, music and anything else you would like to include to make your day special.
  She will assist with rehearsals to make sure all parties involved know what to do on the day.

  Couples may prefer not to be limited to a licensed venue, so they can hold their ceremony in a place which is special to them -
  on a boat, in a garden, on a beach, in their favourite restaurant or in their own home. They are only restricted by their 'imagination' because
  she can perform the ceremony just about anywhere.
  Children and family members can easily be brought into the ceremony, making something really unique and special which family and friends
  will remember forever. Each ceremony she creates and officiates is unique.

  What can't a Marriage & Family Celebrant do?
  In England & Wales, the legal formalities have to take place at a Registry Office with two witnesses. At the moment Marriage Celebrants
  cannot conduct the legal part of the ceremony. This must be done in the Registry Office.
  Once you have done this you are legally married/partnered
  The Ceremony can then include exchanging rings, exchanging vows, poems, music, readings and this is where she steps in to conduct the
  ceremony. There is no restriction to the content, length or venue.

  Further information is provided on her website and of course she would be prepared to offer discounts to retired officers / staff.

  Judi Sheppard is Harry Rose Ceremonies
  Tel:- (0044) 07716 860135
  E-mail: hrceremonies@btinternet.com
  Website: hrceremonies.co.uk;  Facebook: www.facebook.com/hrceremonies

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                                     DAVID COLGAN
My 34 year career as a public servant as a paramedic and a police officer, has allowed me to meet many people from all walks of life.

For 13 years as a paramedic, I dealt with the whole of society in many, often challenging situations. I realised that dealing with actual life and death situations, required certain skills. I believe, that to be present at those situations, and to assist by helping babies into the world, or to be present when a death occurs, and to assist surviving relatives in coping with the immediate aftermath of the death of a loved one, is truly an honour and a privilege that I have experienced many times.

I have served over 21 years as a police officer, both in uniform and as a detective. Again, I was fortunate to be present, and to manage life and death situations effectively, with empathy and compassion.

I believe that a funeral is the first step in coping with a bereavement. Together we will create a unique ceremony, a ceremony that is individual to you, a ceremony that has your values and sense of style. We will work together to create a fitting, unique and memorable occasion.
I am also an experienced registrar I have conducted many civil marriage ceremonies. Again, these occasions are compiled with the couple in mind, each one is unique. My aim is to create a ceremony that feels personal to you. We will work together to plan something that isn't constrained, but can be as creative, or as traditional as you desire.

My role is to guide and support you through whatever kind of ceremony you require. I will listen to you with sensitivity and empathy. I will provide advice, guidance and work diligently with you to make sure that your bespoke ceremony is one that you can reflect upon fondly and with satisfaction.

Celebrant Services Offered

o Funeral ceremonies

o Ceremony Script Writing

o Wedding Ceremonies

o Naming Ceremonies

o Civil Partnership Ceremonies

o Renewal of Vows Ceremonies