The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is a British charitable organisation founded in 1934. Guide
  Dogs provides independence and freedom to thousands of blind and partially-sighted people across the
  UK through the provision of guide dogs, mobility and other rehabilitation services. It also campaigns
  passionately for the rights of those with visual impairments. Guide Dogs is working towards a society in
  which blind and partially-sighted people enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.
  Guide Dogs is looking for people who want to make a difference to the lives of blind and
  partially- sighted people in Greater Manchester and are now recruiting volunteers to spend a few hours
  a week with service users.

  Audrey Harrison-Bryant, Sighted Guide Ambassador at Guide Dogs said "My Guide volunteers will
  make a very real difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people, learn new skills and give
  something back to the community."
  Volunteers will spend a few hours a week with a service user, making trips out to activities that the pair
  will agree at the start of their relationship. Journeys could be to the shops, to a café, theatre, sporting
  event or any activity in which the service user wishes to participate.
  Volunteers take part in a nationally recognised training course, developed by Guide Dogs and endorsed
  by VISION 2020 the umbrella body for visual impairment. They must also be prepared to go through a
  DBS check. All volunteers will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to an
  independent lifestyle for their blind and partially sighted partners.
  For more information about My Guide, visit
  More information on how to become a My Guide volunteer is available from Audrey Harrison-Bryant,
  Guide Dogs GM and Lancashire Mobility Team at

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