Eric Clegg (retired Constable) and Graham Baldwin (retired Inspector) have started a business called “Hot Tub Celebrations”. They can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Hot Tub Celebrations is a North West Business based on the outskirts of Manchester. Dedicated people with a keen eye for customer service and high standards run the business of providing Hot Tubs/Spa’s for hire. This could be for a weekend or for a week or any period the hirer would want. They provide a complete delivery and installation service for customers. This includes free delivery within 25 miles of OL6 9DR, set up of the Hot Tub including full instructions on use, and finally collection at the end of the hire period.
Their aim is to ensure that customers have the best possible experience when using their Hot Tubs; whether for a relaxing weekend with the family, or a BBQ with friends, for relaxation, therapy or just good fun, their circular hot Tubs are outstanding.
Their Hot Tubs promote well-being and a lifetime of relaxation combating the stresses and strains of modern lifestyle. The hydrotherapy action of the Hot Tub causes blood vessels to dilate, improving circulation, cardiac output and the purification of toxins. Immersion in the bubbling water takes pressure off tired and aching muscles and joints. This improves mobility and helps relieve some symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

Massage jets aid in reducing ‘stress’ hormones, such as nor adrenalin, helping you to forget the stresses of the day, restoring a feeling of tranquil well-being and encouraging a restful night’s sleep. Many medical conditions, injuries and other health problems can be eased or improved with regular use of a spa including improved sleep patterns, relaxation, stress relief, and soothing general aches and pains. Also having a hot tub in your own garden encourages more quality time with your family and friends and lots of fresh air and plenty of stargazing.

Hot Tub Hire and set up has never been easier and economical running costs mean you can enjoy your Hot tubs any time – simply whisk the cover off and immerse yourself in water temperatures of up to 41° C – a fantastic feeling after a long day, particularly in winter months.

There are lots of reasons for hiring a hot tub from Hot Tub Celebrations, the list is not exhaustive but includes the following:
•    A Hot Tub Party!
•    Christmas and New Year
•    Corporate Events and Hospitality
•    Birthday Celebration
•    Wedding Anniversary
•    Halloween
•    Valentine’s Day
•    Pamper Party
•    House Warming Party
•    Graduation Celebration
•    Barbecues
•    Special Occasion
•    Romantic Nights
•    Just for fun
•    School holidays
•    Holiday Home or Static caravan

When you hire a Hot Tub from Hot Tub Celebrations you can be assured of their high class service. They will provide you with everything you need to enjoy the Hot Tub during the hire period. The only thing they need from you is the following:-

•    Access to a Water supply (Cold water is required but a Hot water supply will reduce set up time but is not essential)
•    Electricity Supply (Normal home electric supply)
•    Flat, Level ground area 2.5 metre square
•    Minimum Access requirement of 2000mm (79”) Height and 760mm (30”) width.

If you want to make a booking or seek further information please don't hesitate to contact them on 07858 304569 or 07858 304611 or email 

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